Assessment/Review of Unit 5

Today’s pathway day in Fashion and Textiles was an opportunity to present to the tutor and other students the work I have produced during this project. I found listening to and seeing other people’s development of work just as useful as it was to talk the others through my own- what I admired was how each person had their own concepts and styles, even though the initial V&A brief was the same for everyone.

It was particularly useful to present my project especially as I will need to do this in an interview setting in the upcoming weeks. Being asked questions on how I developed my design style was useful as it made me think about the methods I used to get from my starting point to the work I’ve been able to produce. It is often when other people see your work that you realise how much you have progressed, so I was really pleased to hear that my tutor and other students were impressed with my current work.

My current working grade for Unit 5 at this point is a Merit, which I am satisfied with and I plan to continue working at the pace I am to maintain this, this is also an aim for me to maintain this level in the upcoming Final Major Project. I feel I have learnt a range of new skills over the past couple of months on the course which then allowed me to focus on and further explore my areas of interest; knitwear, combining contrasting themes, illustrated fabric, and fashion illustration.

Peer assessing other students was a great experience as I now have a range of suggestions and notes about what others think of my work, and I was able to express my ideas for other student’s work.

Feedback from other foundation students:







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