Designer Research- Simone Rocha SS2017


I came across this collection initially on Simone Rocha’s Instagram and felt it would be a useful collection to use as inspiration for my Final Major Project. My first impression from looking at these photos was that the garments were overly feminine and delicate, which linked to the bridal influence that I am exploring in my work. The use of colour (or lack of) in the collection was also a reason why I chose to study Simone Rocha’s work, as I plan to work predominantly with white and cream tones to link to traditional bridal colours.

After reading the runway report by Sarah Mower I discovered that Rocha’s inspiration also came from Irish farm workers, which is why the garments are styled with Wellington boots and materials like rubber and PVC are used. This unlikely pairing of two sources of inspiration is something that I can relate to, since my FMP is also looking at two contrasting themes. I really admire how Rocha was able to create garments that give off a delicate, ethereal feel, whilst working with functional materials, and this is definitely something I aim to achieve in my work.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 13.44.16

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 20.41.56.png


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