Walker Art Gallery Primary Research

As part of my research process I decided to visit the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, to find some work that I could use as inspiration. I had initially decided to focus on the fashion collections, but whilst in the sculpture display I immediately found a link to my project with the soft, light colours used and the dream-like, romantic scenes within the sculptures.

The pieces below are of Sculptor, Giovanni Fontana’s marble sculptures, I particularly admire the relief modelling and I’d like to explore ways in which I can translate this style into my work, possibly layering fabric or working with puff paint in some of my illustrations. The colours within the pieces link to my idea of working mainly with traditional ‘bridal’ colours, and I’m planning on drawing ideas from the close-up photographs for methods of fabric manipulation/ creating volume or interesting structure.

Upon further research and thinking about my concept of contrasting functional sportswear with decorative bridal designs, I’ve decided that I could involve romantic imagery, similar to the sculptures, within my work, and would like to carry out some more research into weddings in general to allow me to take some references from the overall theme of a wedding that I can involve in my design work.



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