Wedding Dress Research-‘Something Borrowed, Something New’

I wanted to explore the theme of bridal wear a little further and research the common styles within wedding dresses but also look into the personal experiences that come with planning a wedding/ choosing a dress. By gaining an idea of what is traditionally accepted as, ‘bridal’ I will be in a better position to create work that challenges typical wedding dress designs and incorporates unconventional fabrics as well as elements of knitwear.

I often watch fashion programmes and discovered, ‘Something Borrowed, Something New’, which focusses specifically on helping individuals find a wedding dress. What I though was useful about watching the programme was that the designer, Kelly Nishimoto takes existing wedding garments and reworks them into modern day dresses. As I have decided that where possible, I will use recycled or second hand fabric in my work, the programme gave me the idea of taking existing dresses or wetsuits and using these in my experimenting and fabric manipulation.

During the programme, I also found that brides mentioned the price as a key issue, as well as feeing pressured to make a decision based on what family members would approve of- these are themes that I could perhaps explore in my work.



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