Knitting with Plastic and Chenille Wool

As I want to develop some knitted samples and designs which will feature an element of knitwear I decided to explore the different types of knit stitches as well as experimenting with what I can knit with. Using the book below by Vikki Haffenden & Frederica Patmore, I chose to create a double rib sample using Chenille wool. I was pleased with the result however I’d like to try recreating the work with a different wool, as the stretch in the Chenille resulted in an uneven surface which is interesting, but I may get a more uniform finish if I choose a different wool.

When thinking about how I could incorporate the wetsuit/ swimwear concept to my work I decided that it would be useful to explore waterproof materials as well as unconventional materials like plastic. I found some clear plastic bags in the rummaging bins at college and decided that they would be interesting to work with as the transparency tied into my colour scheme but also the properties of polythene meant that strips of it could be easily knitted and knotted together, and later on I could apply a heat gun to manipulate the sample further.


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