Bridal Shop Primary Research

As part of my research for my final major project I visited a couple of Bridal/ Occasion-wear shops to gain some insight into the common styles within wedding dresses, as well as the types of fabric they are made from and the popular details.

I’m currently working on developing design sketches and illustrations which explore the ways in which I can combine elements of wetsuit styles with bridal wear influences, and so this visit was particularly useful as it has allowed me to see first hand the details and textures of the dresses. Some common themes that I saw were; beading and lace details, layering of delicate chiffon and tulle, and very feminine silhouettes with sweetheart necklines.

From this research I’m planning on developing more samples and test pieces, possibly recreating some of the details shown in my photographs, but using alternative fabrics such as lycra or mesh to link to the swim/ surf influence that I am exploring through the project. From this research I feel I’m in a better position to really start developing my designs; seeing the typical styles in today’s bridal stores will allow me to challenge the widely accepted styles and begin to produce my response using the unconventional, water-sportswear influence.










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