Felting Workshop

As part of my fabric sampling I decided to try felting, and tried to work predominantly with colours that link to the bridal theme. The process involved rubbing the layers of felt with hot soapy water to create friction to fuse the fibres together. As I used natural cotton, this didn’t shrink in the same way as the other felt pieces and so I had to make sure I had enough non-cotton material in the piece to allow me to create a solid sample.

If I am to include felt in my further work I will need to perhaps find some more felt in white/ cream colours as I was limited to the colours shown in the photos above. At the moment I’m not planning on working with felt as my project is more focussed on combining bridal and functional fabrics and I’d like to develop my knit and weave work further, as these are elements I know I want to explore in my work.





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