Initiating Research Methodologies Lecture


I found this lecture particularly helpful for me to think about my own work and how I can continue to push my FMP. Jamie Holman explained how the methodology used on Foundation applies to all pathways, but is also a way of working which can be taken forward into the future when working in the creative industry.

A piece of advice given in the lecture was that is is important to root yourself where you are, and find what inspires you to make work; whether it is political, personal, curiosity, or simply a desire to produce a vision.

The lecture covered the importance of research and gave advice on how to start out. Some questions to ask yourself are; Am I playing it safe? -or in danger of not achieving what I set out to do?

Jamie made it clear that as an artist, you can’t decide on the outcome of the work, before you’ve started making, and you need to have a willingness to explore areas which you did not initially look at. I found the lecture and discussion that followed to be useful, especially when thinking about how I will record and evaluate my work; I will continue to use the work plan grid when planning what I need to do each week, and will record all of the research that I carry out to clearly show where I gain inspiration.


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