Weaving with Fabric & Yarns


As part of this weeks negotiated practice I chose to continue working on the weave I began making during the textiles pathway. I wanted to produce a large woven piece containing many different samples to allow me to see which materials worked best and could be used in future work. After using the hook tool to pull through all the threads as shown in the photos below, I was ready to begin weaving.

I found weaving to be a fast process once the loom was set up and it is a useful way to test a range of different fabrics including strips of delicate organza, mesh, and organza. At the beginning of the piece I felt that sticking to the bridal colour palette of white and creams may have limited the amount of different materials I could work into the weave, but this was not the case. I found a number of yarns and string of different widths as well as fabric such as calico and Lycra which all reacted differently when woven, and so I feel I have created a piece which will have varying textures and could even be worked into later. In order to finish this piece I need to continue weaving next week until the piece is approximately 1.2 metres and then remove the piece from the loom.


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