Made to Measure Dress Commission

Following my work experience at a custom-made dress design studio, I became more and more interested in creating my own garments and created my own prom dress in 2015. I have now been asked to create another custom made gown for a client which I will be working on in my spare time alongside my FMP. I feel that my previous experiences have allowed me to be in a position where I can complete this task; my various visits to fabric suppliers and research at bridal shops mean I’m familiar with the fabrics suitable for a prom dress as well as common styles.

From my initial discussion with the client we decided on the styles of dress she would like and I have researched into some dress patterns, which I will use as the basis of the design and modify it to make what the client wants. As for the fabric and the colour of the dress, I went with the client to a fabric shop and decided on a crepe satin with crochet overlay.

I am aiming to make a toile using inexpensive calico fabric to make sure the fit and style of the dress is correct before making the actual garment.



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