Material Research & Costing of Fabrics

After identifying that I need to be creating more samples and testing the more unconventional, man-made fibres, I visited another fabric and craft shop to source some materials to work with, and potentially use in the final garment piece or accessories that I am planning on producing in my Final Major Project.

An initial issue that I outlined in my proposal was the costs that I may face as I  am working with modern fabrics like plastics and scuba. Fortunately, until this point I have been able to use spare fabric that I have had myself; organza, cotton, and some scuba fabric, as well as using remnants found in the college fabric bins. I also worked a lot with yarns and knitting plastic bags which has allowed me to make work without creating a lot of costs for myself.The issues surrounding where designers source fabrics and the amount of waste often created from the process of making clothes is something I am becoming increasingly aware of and is something I am trying to be aware of in my work. I am pleased that I have been able to make use of second hand fabrics and this is something that I will continue to do when I progress onto studying fashion at degree level.

When looking for potential fabrics to work with I knew that I wanted to use plastic, as I think it has many properties; it can be melted, knitted,woven, painted on- which would be useful in allowing me to create the ideas I have. I decided on buying clear and white tablecloth PVC as I want to work within the bridal colour scheme and also as it could be interesting to layer over other fabrics. I also found some off-cuts of white waterproof fabric which links very well to my idea of mixing surf and sportswear with bridal wear, and hope to use this in my final designs.



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