Re-shoot of Designs for Digitally printed fabric

After deciding that I wanted to create some digitally printed fabric swatches using the photographs I had taken of waterproof fabric with water droplets on it, I found that the initial photos taken could be improved by ironing the pieces of fabric before placing anything on them. I also thought of other liquids I could use, and decided on testing droplets of milk as this gave more of an opaque finish, but also tied in well with the bridal colour palette.

Also, as some of the previous photos I had taken were out of focus, I made sure that the lens was focussed before taking the photo. I experimented with a range of angles and distances from the material, as well as testing using flash/ no flash.

My next steps in developing this work is to get some small samples digitally printed onto fabric such as neoprene, to allow me to see how the photos turn out once printed.


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