Completed Weave Piece

These photos show the completed woven piece that I have been working on over the past couple of weeks. I’m really pleased with the outcome of the weave, and although the setting up took a lot of time and I had to learn to use the loom with no experience of it before. My aim for the sample was to experiment with weaving and explore the potential fabrics that I could use in my project.

I particularly like the strips of organza, knotted scuba, mesh, and chenille wool, and I think they show the contrast between the delicate, softness of bridal wear and the functional sports influenced materials, which is a key part of my Final Major Project. If I was to make another woven piece I would be more selective in the materials/yarns I choose to work with- although this piece does have a lot of white/cream coloured fabrics in it, I think it could be improved by using less of the brown twine sections in it. I also found the close up photos I took of sections of the weave earlier to be useful in my project as I was able to incorporate these into my design sketches in my book, so I’m glad I chose to make a woven sample.



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