Pattern Making and Planning of Garments

As I have been developing my design sketches and deciding on what I want to produce by the end of my Final Major Project, I’m beginning to draw out some pattern pieces for one of the cropped jumpers I am planning to create. Using an existing jumper I outlined some simple shapes and enlarged them slightly to allow for seam allowance and a more oversized fit.

I think the difficulty I might come across when making this jumper is that I am knitting all or part of the pieces so that’s why I have tried to keep the pattern shapes relatively simple so that its actually feasible for me to make the garment with the fabrics I have chosen to work with.

When making the toile, I chose to work with this crinkle jersey rather than calico because it is heavier than the calico and will hang in a similar way to the scuba fabric I have been sampling with.

The top had to be pinned onto the mannequin as the neckline is so wide- this is something I may have to be aware of when constructing the jumper, to make sure the model will be able to wear the top. I also folded the hem to  create a cropped jumper.

To improve the pattern I have widened the sleeve and lengthened them, as well as creating a more cropped front piece. My next steps for this is to decide if I want to make the jumper completely out of knitted strips of scuba or include another material, before beginning to make the pattern pieces.


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