Festival of Making Meeting and Planning

Blackburn College has been asked to take part in Blackburn’s Festival of Making, which will be taking place over the weekend of the 6th and & 7th May. After being given the brief for this event, I attended the meeting to discuss my ideas on what I want to show with my tutor and plan this.

Each student taking part in the fashion show on the 6th May has been asked to show three garments/looks, so I began sketching my ideas to visualise what I want to have on the catwalk. Initially I wanted to show a piece from my previous project, but after having a tutorial this idea changed and I have now decided to use the two final looks I am making for my FMP, as well as creating another piece using my weave sample from earlier on.

In the meeting we were also told about hair and makeup, and told to think about accessories and styling our looks. I am currently searching for models and planning for them to wear sandals/flip flops as this ties in well to my theme. If I have enough time I’d like to make a bouquet of flowers made from unconventional fabrics like PVC and scuba, as this captures my influences of bridal wear and sports/ surf clothing, however this is time permitting and my main focus is on producing the garments.


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