Photographer, Models, & Studio Booking

In college I was able to book the studio for photographing my garments for FMP. I had already set out a timescale in the work plan and aim to finish my garments before the shoot on Thursday 27th April. As there are many students who will be wanting to use studios as they also finish their projects I decided to book the studio in advance to ensure I can have photographs of my work to present in the exhibition. By doing the shoot in the first of two weeks before the deadline for FMP I have given myself time to process the images and select which ones to print, as well as finishing any other work that I may need to do.

I also met with two students in college and asked if they would model my garments in the photoshoot. I explained the theme of my work as well as the date and time, and if I need to give them any more information I will use the FAD Facebook page. Before the shoot I will have both models sign a model release form.

The photographer for this shoot will be another Foundation student specialising in photography who has agreed to work with me. I chose Zahraa as I’ve previously worked with her and was pleased with the outcome. Today I confirmed the date of the shoot with her in college and discussed my garments and ideas for the shoot setting so that she is prepared for the shoot.




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