Editing Design Plans & Solving Issues

Below are photos of the shape of a sleeve from the pattern I created for the cropped jumper. My initial design was to have a top made completely from knitted strips of crepe scuba, however I realised that after creating a small knitted sample with my desired fabric, I would not be able to afford to buy the large amount needed to create a piece on this scale. I also had to think about my time frame and decided that I needed to be more realistic and not spend the majority of my time on the one piece, as my plans are to create more than one garment.

The cropped jumper will be worn with a digitally printed swimsuit I designed, and so with this in mind, I chose to keep the top a little simpler; using white crepe scuba for the majority of the jumper. After constructing the pattern pieces I’ve cut I will be taking the 16 strips of crepe scuba that have been hand cut, hand stitching the lengths together, before creating knitted trimmings for the neckline and hemline of the jumper.


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