Garment Development & Styling

I made the decision to get an existing swimsuit digitally printed by the company I used to create my own print designs, I felt that because I have had little experience using an overlocker with stretch fabrics and I’m dedicating time to other aspects of this project, this was the best decision for me to allow me to create my vision.

Once the cropped jumper was sewn together I attached the trims which I created using the same crepe scuba that the sleeves and body is made from. I really like the effect created using just two knit stitches which I knitted until I had a length that would fit the neck and hem lines of the top. The stretch of the fabric allowed me to create a very textured, wiggly knit which I am pleased with.

For the photoshoot I’ve planned, I would like the top to be worn over the printed swimsuit as shown in the final photograph, along with white semi-sheer tights which I think will link well to the wetsuit- inspired elements as well as keeping with the bridal colours. I may have the model wearing some accessories in their hair if I am able to make these as well, such as fabric/plastic flowers.


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