Wedding Photo Research & Illustrations

An idea I had after beginning my Final Major Project was to include an element of the sentimental value attached to weddings and wedding dresses… I previously carried out a survey asking people what words they associated with wedding dresses, which helped me in developing my garment design ideas, but I also wanted to maybe include some sort of imagery or illustration in my work.

I looked at various bridal magazines and collections full of wedding photography, but I decided I wanted to use my own family wedding photographs to add a personal touch to my work. Using these photos, I created some simple line drawings using a pencil, which I would like to develop into samples on fabric/plastic.

The issue I need to think about is what I will use to ‘draw’ on the fabric; paint, pen, stitch? As well as this, I need to make sure the details link to my bridal colours, so it may be a good idea to stick to quite simple line drawings if I am to use the photo inspired images in my work.


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