PVC & Acrylic Neckpiece Development

Following on from a technique I tried during my initial researching of materials, I created a number of shapes made up of thick layers of acrylic paint on PVC sheets. The piece will be worn with the large neoprene skirt that I made, and I chose to use the PVC as a base for the shapes because of the flexibility of the material and the way it allows paint to dry as a solid on the surface. I am pleased with the results of the shapes and once cut out, I was able to layer the pieces to build up texture.

Once the shapes were layered I decided the neckpiece needed a little more volume to compliment the oversized, full skirt, and so I began to make some larger ‘frills’ using folded pieces of mattress protector sheets. I’m planning on adding the frills to the outer edge of the neckpiece which I will photograph in my upcoming shoot.



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