Studio Photoshoot

At the college studios I collaborated with photography student, Zahraa to take some photos of my three outfits that I have created as my final pieces for my FMP. I booked the studio a couple of weeks in advance to ensure that I would have the space ready for when I needed it. I’m glad I set a date for my shoot in advance because it gave me a personal deadline for completing the garments, and taught me to work on managing my time.

For the shoot, I decided on a light grey backdrop because I wanted to be sure that the garments stood out against the background, but also wanted to keep the images quite neutral and not too dark. In previous work out of college I used a white background with light coloured garments but this was not that successful as the details were washed out against the backdrop. Using sheets of black paper, I and Zahraa decided to block out the natural lighting as this was creating shadows and interfering with the images.

During the shoot, I asked my models to pose individually as well as together. My aims were to get some full length (front, back, and side) images as well as photos of the details in the garments such as the print, knit, and plastic details, and I discussed this with the photographer before we started so she had a clear idea of what I wanted.


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