FMP Exhibition Set up/ Presentation

I have now added the final touches to my space for the show, mounting my leaflet holder onto the board alongside the mannequins and presenting my look book. I had initially decided to put some larger prints of my work however I decided on presenting my look book with the work instead as I wanted to have the main focus on the garments and have my booklet next to them to show the range of photos taken in the studio shoot as well as having a small description in the booklet to explain to the viewer what my aims were for this project. I am really pleased with what I have been able to create on this course and during my Final Major Project and feel as though I have been able to start building my own aesthetic and style of work, which is shown in my final exhibition. For the exhibition I will have the space in front of the mannequins cleared as other students also finalise their work and move their belongings so that I am left with a clean, simple space.

To mount the holder to the wall I first measured the distance between where to two nails would go and then placed the holder upright with a spirit level to make sure it was straight before marking on the wall the positions for the nails.

Below are some of my personal favourite pages from the look book, showing the details of prints, structure, knitwear, and weaving, which became strong parts of my FMP and areas I will pursue in the future and on my degree course at university.




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