Look Book Designing & Costs

To create my look book I used the software, BookWright which allowed me to preview the layout of the cover and individual pages. I decided on using a majority of photos of my garments from the collaboration with a photography student as well as some close ups of my weave and digital print designs. I need to think about how I will present the booklet if I am to include it in the exhibition, possibly on a small stand or on a shelf on the wall.


Printing for the Exhibition & Costs

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 20.02.25

As I want to have some large prints from the studio photoshoot alongside my work in the exhibition, I used the online photo printing company, Photobox to create three A2 posters showing the three final garments I created in my Final Major Project. I chose a matt finish for the photos as I think this will fit in with my work better than a glossy finish. Each print was £6.00 and with delivery the total cost for these prints was £20.99.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 13.17.05

Festival of Making Fashion Show Video


Fortunately the Media centre at Blackburn College were able to capture the whole show and create a video showing Foundation and Extended Diploma student’s work. Seeing the garments being worn and walked in made me pleased with the way my garments turned out, especially seeing the volume and structure I created using Neoprene for the first of my three looks.

Model Release Forms

Prior to my studio shoot I got in contact with the models I had booked to give each of them a model release form. As the images from the photoshoot are a large part of my Final Major Project and will be used for things such as lookbooks and large prints for use in the exhibition, I wanted to make sure that my models gave permission for me to use the photos of them.

Festival of Making Fashion Show at King George’s Hall

Saturday 6th May was the Fashion Show at the National Festival of Making which I have been taking part in. Over the past few weeks I have been working on creating my final garments for my FMP, and as each student presenting at the show required three outfits I used 2 of my initial FMP designs as well as creating a third look using the woven piece I had been working on at college.

Prior to the show I discussed the garment designs with my tutor and we planned music, models, and any accessories/under garments required for the show. On the day of the show, I helped out backstage, dressing models and doing quick changes, as well as making sure models lined up for the runway in the correct order. This experience was definitely helpful and opened my eyes up to what is required when carrying out a show, it was also extremely rewarding to see my work being presented to a large audience. I’m really pleased with my work in this project and like that I have images of my designs being worn in a studio setting as well as on the runway.


Festival of Making Rehearsal

In preparation for the fashion show there was a rehearsal to work out the timings for each model and to give us a chance to see the venue and facilities before the day. The location for the show was The Windsor Suite at King George’s Hall in Blackburn. I felt the rehearsal was particularly useful because we were able to see beforehand that the access to and from the runway was a narrow staircase, and so we were able to practise walking up and down in the given time.

Risk Assessment and Festival of Making Organising

As the Fashion show for the Festival of Making is happening soon I have accessed some forms from my tutor which have the information required for the models I have booked as well as a risk assessment form as this is an event occurring outside of college.