Evaluation Drafts

I started writing a small summary paragraph about my work because I was thinking of putting a short piece of text in the look book/ magazine that I am working on to present some of my photos. As we are also required to submit a final evaluation I decided to get some initial notes on paper which I can later develop. I think I’ll refer to my feedback and tutorials from earlier on as well as my proposal when writing my evaluation to see if I have achieved my overall project ideas and show how my work has developed. IMG_5194

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.05.31


Fashion Illustrations


Using design sketches in my book I used several sheets of tracing paper to make copies of the drawings that I wanted to develop into illustrative pieces. The piece above was created using two copies of my illustrations with one of them turned onto the other side so that I could create the mirror effect. I used pencil before applying acrylic paint in varying thicknesses before using a fine brush to add some black outline details to areas of the figures and garments. On reflection I think that I may have done this piece better if I flattened the sheets a little more as the paint causes the paper to crinkle. As this was more of an extra experimental piece I am not disappointed with the outcome however I know in the future if I am to create these kinds of illustrations I may use a different base to paint on such as cartridge paper or card.

Transforming College Studios into Exhibition Space

Over the next weeks the UAL Foundation Diploma students and tutors are working to turn the studios into the exhibition space to present the work we have created in our Final Major Projects. The experience has been great as everyone has been working effectively as a team and have made a lot of changes to the rooms already. Tasks have included clearing rubbish and removing old work from the studio and organising work in the store room, as well as putting boards up around the room and drilling, sanding and filling them. Once the decorating is complete I will then be bringing all of my work to college and setting up my section for the exhibition.

Printing for the Exhibition & Costs

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 20.02.25

As I want to have some large prints from the studio photoshoot alongside my work in the exhibition, I used the online photo printing company, Photobox to create three A2 posters showing the three final garments I created in my Final Major Project. I chose a matt finish for the photos as I think this will fit in with my work better than a glossy finish. Each print was £6.00 and with delivery the total cost for these prints was £20.99.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 13.17.05

Workplan Notes

As well as my work plan document I have kept a record of the things I need to do each week as well as making a list of blog post that need writing or editing. By keeping this sheet with me at home and in college I have been able to stay on track and make sure I complete what I set out to do in time. If any of my plans change then I jot them down and use this to help me edit my work plan online.


Fashion illustrations on boards

I decided to create another illustration board showing the third outfit idea I had when designing my final pieces. I felt like the previous piece using my wire figures as the influence for the body shapes worked well and so I wanted to repeat this method. Using a pencil I created outlines for the two figures I worked into the drawings, adding layers of acrylics to depict the different materials used in the garments. As this was the weave top and skirt design, I used the end of a paintbrush and pen details to create a sort of cross hatching effect. As with the other piece below, I felt like the painting on its own needed a bit more detail on the outline and so I used a fineliner to create lines around some sections. The piece could be presented alongside the other painting of two figures and I photographed the different positions of the boards to see how it would look. I have made sure to photograph these pieces because if I’m to create an online portfolio soon I want to feature this work.